Friday, August 2, 2013

what is on your bucket list?

 I have always had a deep love to Travel, maybe it stems from our family always taking summer vacations.  We almost always went to California to visit and stay with family during our summer breaks and with each vacation there was always some new and exciting adventures to add to my sweet traveling memories as a child.  I think it was the point of leaving home, where you're most comfortable, making new friends and getting to experience different places that “home” didn’t have.  I can recall once I was lucky to be old enough to travel back to California with family visiting our home in Idaho.  That was the best staying with my favorite cousin & her brothers without the worries of having my parents or siblings there to pester me.  I found that after a few days I started to realize just how much I missed them being around.   So my love of Travel began and what a big world it is out there with so many places &  adventures that await my longing to fall in love with it. 
So here it goes………….My Bucket List of Travel Must See’s & Do’s

Paris  - Eiffel Tower

A place I have a current obsession about because of its allure and romantic past.  I remember my mom telling me all about her senior trip to Europe and her getting to see the Eiffel Tower in person.  I thought she was the coolest mom!!  I loved holding, when she would let me, her little Eiffel Tower she brought from Paris…..still do!!  ;)

Castles of Europe

Something truly fascinating about any castle in Europe…..what little girl didn't dream of living in a faraway land as a princess in her own castle!! This one is my favorite....Neuschwanstein Castle, SW Bavaria, Germany!! <3   Many many of my younger years & hours were spent pretending to be that princess.  How incredible would that be to have that come true even if for just a day!  <3  


My lovely great grandparents, my mom’s father, my grandpa William and both his parents, Claus & Katie, were Danish.  Oh to see where they came from....would be inspiring.  Secretly as a little girl I dreamed that one day I would find out I was a Danish Princess.  (Something not shared with many until now!) 


Yes the whole country from Marsala to Rome, Tuscany region to Milian. Oh must not forget Venice.

Australia & New Zealand

While working as a travel agent I was once told by a client who had been to both countries, if you were going to travel to Australia make sure and visit there first because once you go to New Zealand you will just want to return to visit there.  Maybe I'll just plan to visit New Zealand since its been recommended over Australia!!

Caribbean Islands

My first time going on a cruise and it was a Southern Caribbean one…….Amazing!!  I would go back in a heartbeat to explore these beautiful & exotic places.  Each island proves to be both culturally different & unique.  "A dream is a wish your heart makes"  This is me riding a horse on the beach in Aruba!!  I always told myself that was a dream of mine...I was finally giving the opportunity to make that wish come true!! 

"Never give up believing your dreams will come true, because one day you will be living those very dreams"  Kristy      

Lake Retba

Other names, Senegal or as the French refer to it Lac Rose.  Just to be surrounded in lovely pink water!  .......Sigh

Since there are just too many lovely places to mention perhaps I will turn this post into a series so bonjour for now .

<3 kristy          to be continued…….